ACFW conference memories

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This is a group picture of most of the Steeple Hill authors who attended ACFW.
Front row (left to right): Missy Tippins, Merrillee Whren, Lynette Eason, Margaret Daley, Lyn Cote, Marta Perry, and Cheryl Wyatt
Back row: Gail Martin, Leann, Kathryn Springer, Debra Clopton, Janet Dean, Allie Pleiter, Roxanne Rustand, Mae Nunn and Emily Rodmell (SH editor)

Last week I went to the ACFW conference and had a fantastic time seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I walked away on Sunday spiritually renewed and energized to write and write. Of course, I’m going to start subbing at the high school I taught at for years next week for ten weeks so my writing time will be curtailed some.

Thanks, Ginny, Cheryl, Anita Mae and Dream for praying for me Thursday night. Also, thanks, Debby Giusti, for praying on Sunday. By the way she has a great book out in October called Countdown to Death (what a title) for Love Inspired Suspense. I had a great roommate, Vicky McDonough, who was there to brainstorm and listen to me. She also has a book out in October and I will be hosting her on this blog next week so stop by and read her interview. She writes great historicals!

From the opening meeting to the last event—Angela Hunt’s closing speech—I was captivated by all that happened. The music at the worship services was great and so uplifting. I just feel for the people around me since I can’t carry a tune but love to sing.

Margaret's ACFW class 5
I know my mouth is open, but that’s what happens when you are talking. This is a picture of me teaching my class. I made a powerpoint for this class which was a first for me outside of when I taught at school.

I taught a class and learned I need at least two hours to make my presentation rather than an hour. I couldn’t believe when the moderator said I only had ten minutes to go. I was only halfway through all the information I had. I still had so much I wanted to impart to the people sitting in the class.

The booksigning at the Mall of America was a great way to touch readers. So many of the people who stopped to talk to me were just passing by. My goal was to spread the word about Christian fiction. I believe I accomplished that goal. I gave way fifteen samplers for Love Inspired Suspense I had left and wished I’d had at least thirty more. I had a long short story in the sampler. The story is a prequel to the book coming out in January for Love Inspired Suspense called What Sarah Saw.

I went to a two hour class two mornings during the conference on police procedures. It was full of information I could barely get down on the paper. My hand was flying over my paper so fast writing down everything I could. Good thing I bought the tape for the class. Mark was fascinating about the ins and outs of being a police officer and detective.

On Friday night about twenty of us (writing for Steeple Hill) went out to dinner and had a blast. My editor, Emily Rodmell, went with us. It was nice to meet her in person for the first time.

But the most important thing I brought away from this conference was the importance of the Lord in our life. I felt His hand throughout the weekend as did others. It was amazing!