It’s all about the people.

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I went to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago for the RWA conference. I had a slideshow of the places I saw while there (posted in an earlier blog entry). Then I got to thinking (a dangerous thing at times) and decided I needed to do a blog about the people I saw in San Francisco at the conference because really it is all about them. I get to connect with people I’ve corresponded with through emails during the year. Seeing them is the highlight of my week!

I have a slideshow of some of the people/authors I saw. Sadly not all my pictures came out as well as I wanted so I couldn’t put up everyone. I went sightseeing with Winnie, Lynn and Laura. They were often my shopping buddies, especially when I went to Chinatown. There are some pictures of the eHarlequin pajama party, the dinner before the Harlequin party and the party, itself. I also have several pictures of the Craftie Ladies of Suspense, a blog of seven Love Inspired Suspense authors (Cara Putman is missing because she didn’t go to the conference). Check out this blog here for a chance to win the four LIS books for the month by leaving a comment with your email address on one of the entries.

At the booksigning I talked with several readers which was another highlight of my trip. Hearing them discuss the Love Inspired books was wonderful. Thanks for stopping by my table and talking with me.

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