Read if your traveling, especially to RWA conference

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Hi All,
It’s getting closer to everyone traveling to National. So, I am going to put out this reminder. Even if you have traveled all over everyday of the year there are always a few things you might not remember to do.

As I threw away yet another batch of perfume, hairspray, gel, large tube of toothpaste, hand sanitizer and hand cream today. I thought of all those RWA members traveling to National in San Francisco. TSA is still out there collecting thousands of bottles of water, pop, juice, coffee and various other liquids. Check on the TSA.govwebsite for updates on the current restrictions. When you go to the website, click on Travelers and then the 3-1-1 for Carry-on’s. You need to pull the baggie with your liquids out before you go through the checkpoint and run it separately from your carry on bag. This speeds your passage through the security checkpoint. For those of you who now use a CPAP (commonly referred to as a breathing machine) machine it has to come out of it’s carrying case to go through the x-ray in a bin by itself. Mainly the motor part not the hoses.

Laptop computers have to also be removed from their carrying cases, put into a bin and sent through the x-ray separated from their carrying case. Do not put anything under or on top of your laptop. This could cause a delay as it may be rerun for the x-ray operators scrutiny. To avoid any confusion at the checkpoints as to which laptop is yours, a sticker or a personal business card taped to the top is a great way to not pick up the wrong one. I have to say after almost 5 years of working at the Checkpoint, it still amazes me how much is thrown away. At least once a day a business traveler rushing for his plane leaves a laptop, a cell phone, his carry on bag. Getting to the airport early is a MUST. With all the cancellations that pop up and mechanical difficulties, you need that two hour leeway. Be prepared, shoes off and laptop out to go through, baggie with your small toiletries out and in the bin. Jackets come off at most airports, bulky clothing could mean extra screening.

Read the part in the TSA Traveler section pertaining to Identification accepted at the checkpoints. You have to have a government issued picture identification with your boarding pass to enter the checkpoint as of May 26, 2008. Driver’s license, passports
are acceptable, make sure they have not expired. Expired identification usually results in additional screening. For those of you who are going to tour the SFA TSA area on the KOD tour, ask them about the new program TSA is implementing. We have
a new position for the airport security. These officers are called BDOs, Behavior Detection Officers. I will be moving into this position in August, after my training is complete. It’s a new science to help eliminate possible security risks at the airport. I hope I have given you some helpful hints to make your trip less stressful, as threats continue the security measures seem to increase. If you have any questions about anything that pertains to your passage through the security areas of the airport, send me an email and I will try and answer them.

Have a Great time in San Francisco.
Lori Arnold-Mann
Secretary/Treasurer CAMEO Chapter 123
KOD, RWA and HWG member.
TSA Officer
See you in DC in 2009!