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» Posted on Jun 27, 2008 in Blog | 3 comments

I’m going on my annual vacation. I’m going to soak up the sun. Well, I’ll be under a palm tree, but the sun will be close. My favorite place to go is the beach. Second favorite place is the mountains. Combine them and I’m a happy camper (although I hate to camp–my idea of roughing it is a two star hotel). What is your favorite place to go to relax and regroup?


Dana Corbit will be my guest writer next week. She will be giving away Homecoming at Hickory Ridge, a July Love Inspired. So although I’m going on vacation, the blog isn’t. That’s the beauty of time stamping your posts.

Starting in July (the first) there is a new online magazine you can get. It’s Christian Fiction Online. I will be doing an occasional column for them (the first one is in the fall). Check out the site . If you want to know about some good Christian fiction, this is the magazine for you.


  1. maraget enjoy your vacation and the sun. its chilly here at present but still no rain we need it so bad.
    look forward to seeing you when you return refreshed.

  2. Hi, I hope you have a wonderful and safe vacation time. Enjoy…..Cindi

  3. Have a great vacation. We will be going on a “forced” vacation soon. I have to leave Costa Rica every 90 days for 72 hours. Then I can come back. We will be going to Nicaragua which I love. The country with its lakes and volcanoes is beautiful and the people are wonderful.
    Blessings from Costa Rica

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