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Don’t forget if you want to be entered in a drawing for the first book in the series, Death of a Garage Sale Newbie to leave a comment with your email address in it or email me at

About the book Six Foot Teddy Bear, book two in the series, Sharon’s latest book out:

Death of a Six Foot Teddy Bear is book two in the Bargain Hunters mysteries. Book one is called Death of a Garage Sale Newbie. My books have been called humorous who-dun-its. They are fun, follow-the-clues mysteries with a focus on relationships. You won’t find excessive blood or violence in my books.

The Bargain Hunters series features four women from different walks of life and different ages who are bonded together by the need to clip coupons and be first in line at doorbuster sales. The main character is Ginger; she and her husband Earl are recent empty nesters. Ginger’s heart beats a little faster when she gets close to a clearance rack. She is the senior Bargain Hunter in the group.

I came up with the idea for the series because it combines two things I love: the search for a good deal and a solid mystery. The idea for Six-Foot Teddy Bear came about because I was looking for a crime that had never been committed before in a mystery. I couldn’t recall reading ever reading about a Teddy bear being killed. The Teddy Bear is actually a man dressed up like a bear for a publicity stunt, but I thought it had that ring or originality that I look for in my mysteries.

Ten Things Most People Don’t know about Me (Sharon Dunn)

I can’t do math to save my life

I had to wear corrective shoes when I was a child

Left turns into heavy traffic make me really anxious

For our first date, my husband and I went for a motorcycle ride and ate French fries at JBs

My middle name, Frances, was my maternal grandmother’s first name

My dream vacation would be a trip to Ireland

Sometimes my socks don’t match

I had a thyroid condition as a child that caused a rapid heart beat so my mother encouraged me to do quiet things like coloring and reading

The very first book I checked out from the library was about a magical car and a family. I ate a pickle while I read it and spilled pickle juice on the pages. I never told anyone.

I used to want to be Wonder Woman when Lynda Carter was playing her on TV. I practiced by jumping over chairs and pretending to deflect bullets with my magic bracelets
humorous whodunits
including book two in the Bargain Hunters mysteries

Death of a Six-foot Teddy Bear
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