Maureen Lang this week/the giraffe

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I have three winners this week!
For Sharon Souza’s book, Every Good and Perfect Gift, is email address author_erin.
For Ruth Axtell Morren’s book, The Rogue’s Redemption, is Carolyn.
For Ceryl Wyatt’s book, A Soldier’s Family, is Anita Mae.
Congratulations! Y’all are in for some great reading.

This week I’m featuring Maureen Lang who is giving away in a drawing On Sparrow Hill. The cover is beautiful!!! The teaser says: She’s starting to see her legacy in a whole new light. Intriguing. Anyway, if you want to enter the drawing either leave a comment on the blog with your email address in it or email me at by next Sunday evening. I will be posting a great interview with Maureen on Wednesday.

The Giraffe
by Margaret Daley

Okay, y’all are probably wondering what a giraffe has to do with my life besides I love animals and it is a beautiful one. The Lord was having fun the day He created the giraffe. I gave my granddaughter for Valentine’s Day a book about animals in Africa (she loves animals like I do). In the book there was a page about the giraffe and guess what?! It doesn’t have to sleep but thirty minutes a day!!! Can you believe that? My cats must sleep at least twenty-one hours a day. But thirty MINUTES.

That got me to thinking. What if we only had to sleep thirty minutes a day to be refresh and ready to go throughout the rest of the day? Boy, think of the things I could accomplished. I could actually have time to read more. I could actually get my house clean, especially things I’ve let go. I could actually spend more time with family and friends. I could…I think you get the picture. Time is a problem with me because there is so much I want to do.

I retired a few months ago from teaching and I still don’t have the time to do everything. Granted I am doing some things that I didn’t have time for before. I’m in a Bible study group that meets during the day. I tutor some kids. I finally figured out that I need to sit down and make some hard decisions. I’m gonna have to prioritize what I what to accomplish–right after I finish subbing for a Special Ed teacher while she has her baby. There is a part of me that is amazed I accepted the job for April and May. What was I thinking!!! Oh well, as soon as June comes I will sit down and come up with a list. Then I am gonna stick to it. The first thing on that list will be: Stop wanting to do it all. You are not a giraffe. You have to sleep seven or eight hours a day.