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I was lucky to catch Trish Sakai for a few minutes to interview her after her appearance in Only Uni. With this book hitting the shelves now, she will be in great demand for an interview. Don’t forget if you want to enter the drawing for Only Uni, email me at or leave a comment.

Questions for Trish Sakai:

1. You’re worried about your weight. What have you tried to do about it?

Well, I run once a week—I know, I know, I ought to run MORE … but who wants to run when you can eat chocolate instead???

2. Why are you always drawn to the bad boys?

Good question! I’d love to know the answer, too! I know I’m not alone—that lots of other women can relate to always being drawn to the bad boys. I mean, look at all the historical romances where the hero is a scoundrel! I love those! I just don’t know why!

3. Tell me about your friendships with Jenn, Venus and Lex. Where did you meet? Why are you all so close?

We’re all cousins—my dad, Lex’s dad, Jenn’s mom, and Venus’s mom are all siblings. Grandma Sakai is their mother, our grandmother. It’s a reeeeeally big family, so no worries if you get confused.

The four of us are all close in age—we were all born within a year and a half of each other—and we always played together as kids. Plus our families are all still in San Jose, so we always got together while we were growing up.

We all shared an apartment together when we went to college, and that’s when we all became Christian, one after the other, thanks to the Asian American Christian Fellowship group on campus.

I think the fact we’re all Christians and the rest of our family is Buddhist (or nothing at all) is also what makes us so close to each other, even though our personalities are totally different.

4. Why are you drawn to Christ?

He is SO AWESOME! I feel like I gained a really really close friend when I accepted Christ (not that I didn’t feel close to my cousins, because I do, but sometimes they’re so weird and I know they think I’m weird, which is okay, but Christ is closer than that, which makes me happy).

5. How have you grown through the story?

Um … I haven’t really thought about it. And I don’t want to give anything away. But I think I’ve learned to trust God more, to stop and, uh, ASK Him before I go off and do something on my own. At least, I hope so.

6. What is your favorite Bible verse and why?

I like Psalm 100 because it totally expresses my feelings when I worship God.

7. You mentioned Mr. Monk. What TV shows do you enjoy watching? Why?

All three CSIs and NCIS because of the cool forensic stuff, since I am a biologist.

8. What do you think Mr. Perfect Christian Man is like?

He will look like Russell Wong before he got old and be completely devoted to God and not even tempt my lusty side … although, seeing it in print like that, he seems kind of boring.

9. What attracted you to Kazuo?

He’s GORGEOUS. I kind of wish they’d put a picture of him on the cover because he’d make anybody swoon. But also, despite the psycho-verbal-abuse part, he really made me feel loved and special when he was in a good mood.

10. What attracted you to Spenser?

Well, aside from the fact he’s GORGEOUS (notice a trend?), he totally understands when I have to stay late to run an assay at work or go feed cells on weekends (unlike other boyfriends who just didn’t get why biology work involved so much after-hours work). He can also be cute … sometimes. And nice … sometimes.

11. What is your favorite family tradition?

I still love New Year’s because the whole family gets together and there’s just the best food! Since some of the family married Chinese Americans, the food is usually a mix of Japanese and Chinese. One of my cousins’ wives makes fabu black bean sauce clams! Yum!

12. Why are you afraid of your grandmother?

I’m not AFRAID of her … uh, not really. I just don’t like DISPLEASING her because she can get kind of mean-looking. Or else she’ll look all disappointed and make me feel like a piece of gum under her shoe. I just … I want her to be happy with me, you know? Or at least not mad at me, like she always is with Lex and Venus.