Buried Secrets

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Buried Secrets is coming out this month from Love Inspired Suspense. This is my book that is a sequel to Heart of the Amazon. This is Zach Collier’s story, the twin brother of the heroine from Heart of the Amazon.

I had so much fun writing this book. It combines my love of the Southwest and archaeology. I call this book National Treasure meets Indiana Jones. There’s a mystery to be solved and a treasure to be found. There are villains after the hero and heroine, all against a backdrop of stark beauty and harsh conditions.

Hidden Treasure?
Fresh from her grandfather’s funeral, Maggie Somers was shocked to find his home—all she had left of him—ransacked. What wasn’t so shocking was that a Collier stood among the wreckage. Maggie had grown up hearing all about the Collier clan—liars and thieves who couldn’t be trusted. Yet Zach Collier asked Maggie to have faith in him, to put their fund and their families’ to rest. His grandfather had also recently passed away. Zach was sure the man—like Maggie’s grandfather—had been murdered for something hidden among his possessions. Something Zach and Maggie had to uncover before they became targets.

Margaret Daley