Love Inspired Classic

» Posted on Aug 25, 2007 in Blog | Comments Off on Love Inspired Classic

This month I have a Love Inspired Classic out. It is two of my earlier books published five years ago–Family for Keeps and Sadie’s Hero–for the price of one book.

Family for Keeps
A senseless tragedy had shattered Tess Morgan’s dreams of a family of her own, and even shaken her faith. But now a very special man, single father Peter MacPherson, wanted to help her find her way home–if only she had the courage to love again.

Sadie’s Hero
A bachelor auction was the only way Sadie Spencer could get close to a millionaire to ask for a charity donation. But one “date” with Andrew Knight–seemingly so cold, yet truly so caring–showed her that this man could offer her far more than mere money.

The first person who emails me at I will send a free copy of the book. You also can go to my web site and follow the link to eharlequin to buy a copy at 20% off.