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Due to some technical problems Rhonda Gibson’s interview will be delayed. I went to open her interview she sent me and I can’t. I have emailed her for her to resend, but I haven’t heard back from her so I think she is out of town. The drawing is still on and may be extended depending on when I get the interview up. Thanks for your understanding.

Christian Fiction
What does Christian fiction, particularly inspirational romances, have to offer readers? Yes, it has a faith element in it, but it is much more than that. I think that it gives readers hope in a world where there sometimes doesn’t seem like there is much hope. When we are constantly seeing death and destruction on the television, it is a relief to read a story that gives you encouragement. For a short time we can escape from the horribleness.

Not only does it offer hope, but it also gives the reader a satisfying story based on some of the harsh realities of life. Sex and graphic violence aren’t in these stories, but subjects like rape, alcoholism, drug abuse and adultery are dealt with in a realistic matter but with a message of hope. People’s emotions are explored as well as how they cope with their problems.

Another reason people are turning to Christian fiction is that in this fast paced world we need to have an anchor, especially in this post 911 era where terrorism is very real. Our faith gives us this anchor. Readers can see how people depend on it to solve problems and to ground themselves. Weaving a story around that faith shows readers how faith can stabilize us in this crazy, sometimes mixed-up world.

An added bonus is that these books can be read by all generations. I have had many readers tell me they share their books with their daughters and their grandmothers.

One of the genres in Christian fiction that has blossomed in recent years is Christian romance. Harlequin’s Steeple Hill has been expanding. Love Inspired started out with three books a month ten years ago. Today Steeple Hill is publishing four Love Inspired, four Love Inspired Suspense, two Love Inspired Classic, and one or two longer books in their Women’s Fiction line. Next February there will be two Love Inspired Historical books to add to the growing list. Most of this expansion has occurred in the last three or four years.

There are many types of romance books. Christian romances, whether historical or contemporary, are very much a part of the market. They offer an inspirational story with a strong faith element and a sense of hope. But the reader doesn’t have to worry about reading a sex scene or bad language that might offend her. The love story is based on a strong emotional link where characters wrestle with spiritual issues as well as relationship ones. So if you are looking for a good read, pick up a Christian romance and try it.