My vacation

» Posted on Jul 9, 2007 in Blog | Comments Off on My vacation

My husband and I just got back from our vacation in Antigua. In the summer I always look for a beach to lie on (I read three books while I was on vacation!!!!). I love the sound of the ocean and the fragrance of the tropics. I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico and lived on a bay. The sound of the waves lapping against the shore is so soothing and relaxing, and boy did I need both of those—especially after we arrived a day late because we missed our connection in San Juan. Wouldn’t you know coming home we arrived right on time. I guess one out of two isn’t too bad, but I sure missed that day in the sun on the beach.

We did a couple of things on the island. We went snorkeling which both my husband and I love to do. It was along a reef and that trip on a sailing boat was great. I met some interesting people. A lot of the tourists were from England, and it was fun to talk to them. I found out that London and Tulsa had something in common right now—lots of rain. When we arrived home, we discovered it rain most of the week we were gone—only a couple of morning showers in Antigua. It was nice to see the sun for a change.

The other fun thing my husband and I did was to go zipping through the rain forest canopy. I’d been wanting to do that for a long time. It was fun and a little challenging. At least I didn’t do a three sixty on the line like my husband. He actually did two of them. I did go in a straight line, but I crashed into the landing one time because I didn’t stop myself soon enough. Thankfully there was someone there to catch me or the words to George of the Jungle would have been appropriate for me. The scary part, besides I was a hundred feet off the ground, was when we were leaving the last platform. I had to step off into space and descend on a line a man held at the bottom. It took three times for me to get up the courage to just step off into thin air and hope he held me and lowered me slowly to the ground 62 feet down. And again I sweated a buckle in the rain forest. Like I have said, they don’t call it a rain forest for no reason—lots of moisture.

I loved Antigua. It is a beautiful island with friendly people.