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First, Sharlene is my guest author this week. I will be posting her interview on Wednesday. If you want a chance to win her new book, email me at by next Sunday. Please visit her web site and learn more about her. I love her motto: write fiction for the soul, romance for the heart. And best, she writes books set in Kentucky where I grew up.

My winner for Toni Lee’s book is Bernadine.

I recently found out that Tidings of Joy is a finalist in the Beacon Contest for the inspirational romance category.
I also was invited to take part in a Love Inspired continuty for 2008 called Homecoming Heroes (inspired by soldiers returning home). My book will be the 5th one in the six book series. It will be out November 2008.

I will be doing a chat on Tuesday night, May 29th at ACFW about So Dark the Night and romantic suspense. You don’t have to be a member to join the chat. I hope to see you there.
Here is the link to the ACFW chat room:

You do NOT have to register. Just type in a username and login. That’s it!

To log out properly, click the dark red “ball” at the top of the list of

attendees. This will ensure that you can use the same username the next time

you log in.

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  1. Congratulations osn Tidings of Joy! I am not surprised. I thought it was a wonderful book when I read it. I will try and make the chat if I can. Depends on how my little ones are behaving. When you have two little ones under the age of 4 nothing is certain anymore.

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