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» Posted on Apr 5, 2007 in Blog | 6 comments

I will be posting another interview this week at the end by Amy Wallace. Please visit her web site and see how she juggles family and writing–oh, and also her love of chocolate. Her first book, Ransomed Dreams will be out this month. It is the first part of a three book series, Defenders of Hope. I love romantic suspense books, and if you do, you will want your name in a drawing for her book. Please email me if you want to be included in her drawing for Ransomed Dreams ( The drawing will end next Thursday night.

Talking about favorite kinds of books, what is your favorite kind to read? Mine is suspense and adventure because that is so far removed from my real life. When I read I want to be transported to another place. And because I’m a romantic, I want a romance thrown in to spice up the story. Love is what makes the world go around. So many great stories have a romance thread in them because we want to read about two people finding their soul mate.


  1. Margaret,
    I enjoy romantic suspense as well. Also historical romance. Actually, there aren’t many categories of books that I don’t enjoy, which can be a problem 🙂 So many books, so little time!

    I’ve been enjoying your author interviews. Thanks for your great blog!


  2. Look forward to the Amy Wallace interview. After reading her interview at NovelJourney, I checked out her website. It’s awesome.

    My favorite type of book includes romances, to be sure, although I’m a little burned out because I’ve read so many romances in the last year. I also like a good mystery, and have recently begun reading Christian suspense/mysteries.

  3. Margaret,

    I love romantic suspense as well. I love the fact that Love Inspired added their suspense line and now there are 4 books a month instead of just two. I also enjoyed the interview at Novel Journey.

    Cherie Japp

  4. I love mystery and suspense, but not too much suspense. My favorite place to read is bed and favorite time? Right before bed. I love my sleep.

    I don’t care much for romance books, but if there is a romance in my mystery that’s fine.

  5. Suspense/Mystery for me. I don’t mind a thread of romance, but I really enjoy trying to figure out the “who-dun-it” part 🙂 (Pardon the poor English, Mrs. Daley! hehe) Now if only summer break would get here so I can spend my days cuddled up with a book!

  6. Margaret – you are my kind of reader! I love reading every genre with the exception of sci-fi but my favourite is romantic suspense – heavy on the suspens and great character development with the romance blending in just right!

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