I’ve been tagged!!!! Run!!!

» Posted on Feb 8, 2007 in Blog | 4 comments

I have been tagged by Pamela. I’m supposed to tell you all six weird things about me. I’m not sure what is considered weird but here goes:

1)I can retire as a teacher and write full-time, but I don’t want to. I still enjoy working with young people. I like the teens I work with. They enrich my life.

2)I hate fish but I’m crazy about shrimp, crab and lobster.

3)My favorite books are rip roaring adventures. I want to have a fast read that leaves me breathless and racing toward the end but hating it when I do reach the end and have to put the book down.

4)I’d rather have caramel than chocolate any day of the week.

5)I often read the last page or two of a book before I finish it. I don’t do that if it is a mystery or suspense, though.

6)I’ve been happily married for thirty-six years to a man who is also my best friend. It’s not that I consider that weird but I needed to come up with one more and couldn’t think of anything.

I’m tagging:
Gina’s blog
Debra Calloway
Dream’s blog
Rhonda Gibson
Myra Johnson
Hope Chastain


  1. Hmmm. This might be on a difficulty level with “believing six impossible things before breakfast.” *grin*

    Hope, off to blog and tag….

  2. I can’t believe you didn’t mention some of your other weird, but endearing qualities-like your signature color! 🙂

  3. Thanks for stopping by Hope and Dream. Dream, I forgot about the fact I have an office with walls that are hot pink and that I have many, many flamingoes all over it. But isn’t that normal?


  4. I’m game! But you’ll have to change the link to me NEW blog.

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