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» Posted on Jan 1, 2007 in Blog | 2 comments

It’s hard to believe that 2006 is over. The year flew by but then I feel that way the older I get. This was a good year, especially because my son got married and I became an instant grandmother of two adorable little girls.

I usually don’t look back but forward. So with that in mind, I have started making some goals for myself for the coming year. I don’t call them resolutions. I don’t make those. Too easy to break. Goals are better for me. They are something to strive for. When I set a goal, I try to make it something I can control. For example, although a nice goal would be to sell a book to a movie studio, I don’t really have any control over that one. So I won’t be making that goal this year. But I do have control over the type and quality of my books. So I always have a writing goal as well as a personal one. What are your resolutions/goals for the coming year?

Speaking of goals: I have used the treadmill so far three times in the five days it has been set up. It is easy (well, as easy as exercising can be) while I’m on vacation. The test will come when I start back teaching next week.


  1. If only they would invent “video books” where I could “read” my book as I used the treadmill! Audio books don’t work for me since I am not auditory at all.

    Does making it through May count as a goal?

    By the way, Heart of the Amazon was amazing! I loved it!

  2. Mrs. Temple, I’m with you about listening to books. I’m visual, not auditory. Thanks about Heart of the Amazon. I really enjoyed writing that book.

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