Time for playing

» Posted on Dec 19, 2006 in Blog | Comments Off on Time for playing

First, I wanted to share with you that Tidings of Joy, my October 2006 Love Inspired, was in Woman’s World, the December 26th issue. It was the romance novel in their Fantasy Escape basket. I was excited to see it in a national magazine and to have it represent a romance novel in the basket (the only book in the basket!). If you’re in the grocery store and get a chance to see the magazine, look on page 26. Needless to say, I bought several copies (okay, more than several).

In a few days I will have almost two weeks off for the winter break. Now, of course, I have a lot of writing planned and chores that I’ve put off for the past few months that I need to get done. Not to mention, I will be spending some time with my family, especially my granddaughters, but I plan on playing some, too. Playing some computer games, that is. What games on your computer do you really enjoy?

My husband and I like to play Scrabble together on the computer. I am amazed at the odd words I’ve learned playing this game. Did you know that ae is a word? I sure didn’t until I started the game. Also, qi and xi (I’ve learned these two because the q and x are worth a lot). I also like to play Spider solitaire. I haven’t won very many games, but I keep trying.

So if anyone has some suggestions for good games, share with us.