Grandma’s job

» Posted on Dec 6, 2006 in Blog | Comments Off on Grandma’s job

The best job in the world is being a grandma. I am having so much fun with my two step grandchildren. It is neat seeing the holidays through a child’s eyes. We have a little tree just for my two granddaughters to decorate and call their own. I will admit most of the ornaments are in one place (clustered at the bottom), but I enjoyed seeing the ones they decided to put on their tree (all the animal ones and ones that made noise). The youngest kept going around the living room ringing this little silver bell until we all thought we would go crazy. Finally she put it in a special box, then put that box into another one for safekeeping.

When I brought out my flamingo tree lights (new this year), my husband groaned and didn’t want to put them on the big tree. My granddaughters were excited and wanted them on their tree. Although it already had lights on it, we strung them up and they are the perfect touch. My granddaughters have good taste!

I just don’t understand why my husband doesn’t like my flamingo lights. Doesn’t he know that it’s my signature brand? You should see my office. I have tons of flamingos all over it (the walls are painted hot pink so flamingos are a natural for decorations). He didn’t mind the flamingo I got with a red Santa hat on it. It’s about 30 inches tall and stands up on its own. It guards the big Christmas tree.

So you know what I think is the best job in the world. What do you think is?