364 shopping days left till next Christmas

» Posted on Dec 26, 2006 in Blog | Comments Off on 364 shopping days left till next Christmas

We rush so much to get everything done in time for Christmas but it’s over so fast. After the family left last night, I looked around and couldn’t believe another Christmas had come and gone already. The radio station wouldn’t be playing anymore Christmas music which I love (and this year didn’t get tired of hearing). Soon I’ll have to put my all my Christmas decorations which brings back so many memories of times in the past. I even have ornaments from when I was a little girl.

It was so much fun seeing Christmas again through children’s eyes. With my two new grandchildren (4 and 6). I had a ball getting ready. And I was thrilled when one of them asked me yesterday why Jesus died for us. We ended up having a nice discussion about the real meaning of Christmas.

And Christmas Eve service was really nice this year. The sermon was thought provoking about the meaning of Christmas. And of course, I sang my heart out with all the songs. Just in case you don’t know I love Christmas music but can’t carry a tune. Those poor people around me.

Now it’s the day after Christmas (and I’m a little sad it’s all over with) and there are only 364 shopping days until the next Christmas. There is no way I will go out in the mob to shop today. I avoid busy shopping days like this one and the day after Thanksgiving. I have to return one thing: a pair of huge jeans I bought for my husband and should have realized it was too big. What was I think!!! Now I have to stand in line and return it.

I got my treadmill from my husband (I asked for it for Christmas) and I am going to exercise this year–somehow. My son started putting it together yesterday and discovered two of the bolts weren’t the right size so my husband had to go to the store today and get the right ones. Finally it is in one piece in my room just waiting for me to use it (I hear it calling my name right now but I’m ignoring it while I have a piece of pumpkin cake). My husband gives me until April before it becomes a glorified coat rack. I need to prove him wrong.