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» Posted on Nov 6, 2006 in Blog | 4 comments

This weekend I was privileged to talk at a Women’s Christian Retreat about not giving up your dream. It was so neat! I met some amazing women and spent time glorifying the Lord. What a way to spend my time!

Well, it’s official. The Christmas season has started at my house. I had to hold my husband back until the first of November, but we started putting up our Christmas village which I’ve been collecting for years and keeps growing. Before long I will have to build it its own house. We still have several weeks to go to get it completely up. My favorite part is in the details.

Oh, and I’m only 40-45 pages from the end of my next book I need to turn in at the end of the month–Buried Secrets.

I hope everyone has a blessed week.


  1. hi,
    you have a great week!

  2. Ohhh, the Christmas Village sounds nice. Is it a themed one? I have the New England Christmas village, but last year Catzilla knocked the church over (a very sentimental piece) and de-steepled it. I’m thinking the pieces will stay safely away this year.

  3. Cheryl, I love Catzilla. I have two of them and that is exactly what they do. My village is a mixture of various ones.


  4. Buried Secrets! Cool title. Is that one with the archeoligist? We really need to talk and compare notes.

    I’m working on a novella that has an archeologist in it which is different from my other archeologist WIP.

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