Review of Tidings of Joy

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This is a review I received on my October Love Inspired book. I wanted to share it with you all.

Review: Tidings of Joy by Margaret Daley

I discovered Margaret Daley at a writer’s group in Wichita Falls. I was deeply impressed with her wholesome approach to romance writing. I had become discontented with the stories I was reading in some of the “inspirational” books. They had a shallow sense to them. Margaret’s stories have a depth that had to this point been missing.

Unfortunately, the first book of Margaret’s I got my hands on was in the middle of her Ladies of Sweetwater series. “When Dreams Come True” only wetted my appetite. You can read my review of that story on Margaret’s website.

I was thrilled when my newfound friend took me up on my offer to review one of her books! That thrill only intensified when I received her book in the mail….I love stories of Christmas! Tidings of Joy is now added to my list of Christmas favorites and I’m sure it will be added to yours!

Each of Margaret’s books has a unique quality to stand alone, yet leave you wanting to read more! The characters in Tidings of Joy quickly became friends instead of strangers. I’ll try to share enough of their stories without giving too much away…

Chance is an intense character if there ever was one. Troubled, angry, and hurting. After being falsely accused of killing his wife and daughter; being nearly killed in prison, and trying to keep a promise to a man who died saving his, its no wonder. While trying to befriend the widow of the man who saved his life, Chance rediscovers his faith and love, to his own surprise.

Tonya, still reeling from a series of crisis’s in her own life, yet she still listens to God urging her to reach out and finds a way to help someone else heal, and in turn finds the love she’s been needing and wanting all along.

True friendship, rare is today’s busy world, and the fellowship of other believers, form lifetime bonds in these families and the hurting souls they come into contact with and welcome into their hearts and lives. Forgiveness and redemption is not just spoken of but lived out for all to see. The serious issue of manic depression is explained in an eye-opening light through God’s love. The issue of bullying and prejudice is exposed and dealt with in a Christian way; the alternate not an option, if we are to be as Christ like as possible.

You’ll love Tidings of Joy, and you’ll want to read all of the books in The Ladies of Sweetwater series….I know I’m going to!

Thanks Margaret for sharing your heart in your stories with the rest of us!

Tammy Varner Hornbeck,
Author, “Faith, Hope…and the greatest of these is LOVE”
ISBN: 1-4241-5886-9. Publish America, December 2006