Interview with Rachel Hauck

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> 1. What was your inspiration to write Nashvegas?

RH: My agent talked to me about writing a southern
chick lit story and suggested a songwriter. I’ve
always been a compliant child, so I agreed. I had no
idea how to be a songwriter, but I went to Nashville
for research. What a great city.

> 2. How do you come up with your hero and heroine?

RH: I imagined a small town girl with a strong desire
and gift for songwriting. I pondered possible
obstacles and decided stage fright would be a real
hinderance. Thus, Robin Rae McAfee’s story was born.

The hero is a lesser character. I wanted a strong male
presence to support Robin’s desire. So Lee Rivers came
to life on the page. He’s a great hero.

> 3. I know that you sing and play in a group and you are a very good performer. Is there any of you in this book? Your experiences performing? Your emotions about getting up in front of a group and performing?

RH: I did draw on my own exprience as a worship leader
and noting the behavior of songwriters I watched at
the Bluebird Cafe. But like Robin, I battled fear so I
used a lot of my emotions and thoughts from those
times to make her stage fright more real. One reviewer
called Robin’s fear “absurd” but if anyone has
struggled with anxiety or out-of-the-blue fear, you
know how terrifying and yes, absurd it is. But it can
consume your thoughts.

I overcame. Read the book to find out what Robin does.

> 4. What is the last best book you read and why?

RH: I really loved Siri Mitchell’s Chateau of Echoes.
Just a lovely read. Well written and charming.

> 5. What is your favorite Bible verse and why?

RH: Song of Solomon 4:9. I love this verse because it
shows how pure in love Jesus is toward us – His Bride.

> 6. What do you like to do for free time?

RH: Read. I like TV, but shhhh. I enjoy sports and
lifting weights and going to Spinning (cycling)
classes at the gym. I love praying and worshipping
with others.

> 7. Do you have a job besides writing?

RH: I left the corporate world in 2004 to write full

> 8. What advice would you give to a new writer just starting out?

RH: Read, write, read, write, read, write. There’s no
substitute for just sitting down and writing and
finishing what you started. Just do it.

Also, join ACFW or other writer organizations/groups.
Get to know people. Networking is 60% of being

Thanks for having me, Margaret!