Food For Talk

» Posted on Nov 15, 2006 in Blog | Comments Off on Food For Talk

I recently purchased a box called Food For Talk, recipes for living, a little box of wisdom. This is by Julienne Smith who wants to bring families together one conversation at a time. The object is to take one card each night at the dinner table and go around and get everyone’s thoughts on the subject. I would like once a week to share one with you all and perhaps you can share with your families.

Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”
Is your life an adventure? If so, why do you think it is? If not, what can you do to make it an adventure?

I think my life is an adventure because I never know what is going to happen next. I teach school and each day there is something new that happens, something that isn’t planned, sometimes not for the best. I also feel I rarely can say I am bored. I have too much to do to have time to be bored. Another thing I do is write books. I love to write and go places in my imagination. How neat is that! And when I get a chance, I travel and really have an adventure from time to time.

So are you a daring adventurer?