What’s Up!

» Posted on Oct 8, 2006 in Blog | Comments Off on What’s Up!

On Friday night we went to see the oldest granddaughter in the homecoming parade. She is a cheerleader. Now get this! She is in kindergarten! I was a cheerleader but not until I was in junior high school. I don’t even think they had cheerleaders until then in school. Of course, that was back in the dark ages. She was so cute marching with the others and doing their cheers. After the parade, the cheerleaders from the lower grades performed at the pre-game for homecoming. Then my school won the game!!!!

On Saturday I listened to a speaker talk about publicity and when and if a writer needs a publicist. She has worked with some big names (example, Karen Kingsbury) in the Christian fiction market and her talk was very interesting. One of the things she stressed was the importance of having a presence on the Internet. She thinks blogging has become important and a great way for writers to reach readers. I know I need to do more but time is limited, especially since I also teach school.

This afternoon I took a friend to a belated birthday luncheon and the movies. We saw The Illusionist with Ed Norton. I really enjoyed it. He was good in the movie. There were a couple of twist to the story that I won’t give away here. It was placed in the late 19th century in Vienna, Austria. I’ve been to Vienna and I really enjoyed the city. Austria is a beautiful country. My favorite place there is Salzburg near the German border.

Oh, and besides those things I worked on my new Love Inspired Suspense called Buried Secrets. My characters have paused in their adventure to get to know each other some.