Let Us Pray

» Posted on Oct 12, 2006 in Blog | 1 comment

Are our schools safe? I had a friend ask me that question the other day because she was concerned about her son at school. I can’t blame her. In the news lately has been one shooting after another at a school. Or some child has brought a gun to school and thankfully been caught before anything bad happened. I should not have to be reassuring a parent or for that matter a student that our schools are safe. This should never be an issue, but sadly it is today.

In fact I had a student in one of my classes talk to me about he didn’t feel safe at school anymore in light of the new school shootings. Our children shouldn’t have to worry about something like that. But how can we guarantee that any place is safe? Not in today’s climate.

So what do we do? One thing we can do is pray for the safety of our schools. Our children need our prayers. Please take time to ask for the Lord’s protection over our schools and children. Our students should not fear going to school.

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  1. We certainly should pray for our children in school. They are unsafe in tragic ways but also in lesser, everyday ways.

    My eldest recently began middle school. He’s facing bullies who keep trying to pull him into fights, something he never dealt with before. This at an A-rated school in our district with a performing arts magnet program.

    Then we should consider the curriculum issues that our children face. Things that contradict their faith are positioned as acceptable everyday in our public schools, not as another way of thinking but as the right way.

    So yes, PRAY for our children.

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