Dear Abby–get it right

» Posted on Sep 4, 2006 in Blog | Comments Off on Dear Abby–get it right

Dear Abby riled some romance writers recently with a reply to a letter. She described a romance as a strong male rescuing the female in these books (at one long ago time that might have been the case but it hasn’t been that way in a looong time). I don’t know which romances she is reading (and to make that kind of judgment she should have read recently more than one) but the ones I read there is no rescuing by the man. A good romance shows a respectful love developing between a man and woman. And even better, in inspirational romances we focus on the emotional bond developing between the man and woman (rather than the sexual one). I also write inspirational romantic suspense and I have the woman sometimes literally rescuing the man from a dangerous situation. It’s a two way street in my books.

And while I’m on the subject of romances, I want to say if more men read them they would see how to treat a woman. There is nothing wrong with a good love story with a happy ever after ending. That is what a romance is. The world could use more of that. So here’s to picking up a romance and enjoying a good story of love triumphing.