Thou Shalt Not Kill?

» Posted on Jun 19, 2006 in Blog | Comments Off on Thou Shalt Not Kill?

I am doing a question and answer session on the Steeple Hill boards at in the community section. I wish I could put a link here to the site but I’ve had problems doing it in the past. In fact, I tried and it erased my first post for this subject. This is the second one about the same subject and I didn’t even realize until several days later that it was erased. Ugh! Technology is wonderful until you have to wrestle with it. Then it is hair pulling time.

I’m discussing murder and mayhem during this week. I am proposing a different question about writing murder and mayhem in the inspirational market. On Monday, I asked what kind of suspense/mystery books do you like the most and why? On Tuesday, how is the spiritual element in a story heightened by the suspense element? Today, what is your favorite kind of hero in an inspirational romantic suspense and why? Tomorrow, what is your favorite heroine and why? Come to the Steeple Hill boards and answer the questions and read what I have to say about them.