The things I do for research

» Posted on Jun 28, 2006 in Blog | 0 comments

I had a ball today going to a shooting range to test different types of guns and a rifle (all research for my suspense stories). I hadn’t shot a gun in years (we won’t say how many). I got to try out a glock, a 45 semi-automatic, a Winchester 44 rifle, a 38, a 9 mm gun, and a 44 like a cowboy would have carried. And the best part was that I actually hit the target a couple of times. Otherwise the ground was pretty shot up by me. I discovered a 45 semi-automatic has quite a kick and is loud, but not as loud as a 357 which a man was shooting down from us. We had on earphones and it was still so LOUD. By the time I was finished shooting, I had to take some aspirin. In TV shows you don’t see the little things like: the ejected shell casting burning you when it flips back and into your blouse or the noise and echo of a gun going off. You usually don’t get the sense of smell of gunpowder either from a television show.

What kind of things have you done for research?

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