Revitalizing the creative juices

» Posted on Jun 8, 2006 in Blog | 4 comments

I read Barbara Samuel’s article in the RWR magazine about filling the well and we aren’t talking about a water well. What do you do to keep yourself going, writing day after day and not walking away from it forever? We have to fill our emotional and creative well–preferably every day if possible. We are a vessel that we must pour creative and emotional juices into to keep going. So what do you do for yourself to fill your well?
Some of the things I do to renew my juices are to be with family and friends. I spent the day on Monday at the zoo with my son’s fiancee’s two little girls. Recently I took two friends to lunch and the movie for their birthdays. Those kinds of things are important to me. But little things are, too. As I was typing this, my cat was demanding my attention as cats are known to do–at least Peppy. I took a precious moment to pick her up, hug and hold her. That filled my well with a few drops. Then I received a letter from a reader who told me she had enjoyed the Ladies of Sweetwater Series and couldn’t wait for the last book in October. My vessel became fuller. Reading a book, going for a long walk, watching the birds in my bird bath from my desk chair, my daily talks with God, all these things help me to renew my creative process so I can keep writing.
So what happens when stress interferes with filling your well? Stress sucks up the juices in the vessel, and before long, it’s dry. We can’t write. We are exhausted. Stress is the enemy of getting anything accomplished. When we feel stressed, we need immediately to take action to pour some juices into our cup. Stop what you are doing and do something you enjoy. Take time for yourself. It can be something as simple as watching a DVD of something you wanted to see or calling a friend to talk. The key is to do something. Don’t let the stress go unanswered for long.
Even Jesus took time to fill his well. When he needed to, he went off by himself to pray and talk to His Father. This gave him strength to continue as it can with us.
What are some things you do to revitalize yourself? Praying? Exercise? Eating healthy or unhealthy foods? Going shopping? Reading a book?


  1. I think I revitalize more than my work warrants! LOL

    I love reading books not in my writing genre–usually Regency romances. 🙂

    I usually indulged in a lot of unhealthy eating, but since I’ve been trying to lose weight lately, that’s down to a minimum.

    I love movies, so when we joined Netflix, it was pure bliss!! I get great ideas from watching good movies.


  2. Okay, I’m a horrid lurker (on ACFW too), but I could not keep this thought to myself. I love the colors and images on your blog! I feel like I’m on vacation in Florida.

    Oh, and Camy, we are hooked up with Netflix too. ‘Bliss’ is the perfect word.

  3. Rebecca, I’m glad you stopped by and delurked (that sounds like a Star Trek show).

  4. I revitalized this afternoon by catching up on all my favorite bloggers! Thought it was a well-deserved reward for actually getting back to long-neglected revisions on my WIP. Our recent move has kept away from writing entirely too long, and I’m thrilled to be back at it!

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