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I read an article in the newspaper a few days ago that talked about how blogging, text messaging and emailing (or IMing) are changing how teenagers are communicating. They are getting better at communicating by the written word but what is suffering is they don’t talk to each other verbally. Remember how parents used to never be able to get a teen off the phone. It was glued to her ear. As a teacher and writer I thought this was very interesting. They (I guess the experts) are finding this is developing into a problem with having conversations and working in a group/team type of situation. Businesses are worried this will carry over and cause some problems in the work place with verbal communication.

Have you noticed when we make progress in an area (usually technological) the experts jump on it and analyze it to death. Of course, any technological advancement (and some would argue with you on that) will change our society in some way. It’s called cause and effect. If one aspect is being used all of a sudden more, than it stands to reason something else will give. As an English teacher I was encouraged to note how teenagers’ written communication was improving because of all theses changes. I prefer to look on the bright side because chances are it will change soon. In our fast changing technological world nothing stays the same for long.