Where’s Camelot when you need it?

» Posted on May 7, 2006 in Blog | 2 comments

I should be happy it’s raining and raining and raining (not far from me 6 inches was dumped and caused flooding during the night a few days ago–and it’s still raining). But after the last week I would like it only to rain gently at night and be sunshine during the day–like the song from Camelot. I’d never do well in a place where it’s cloudy and rainy a lot. I shouldn’t say anything because we are in the middle of a year long drought and really I want the rain–just at night. My grass is so high my husband is gonna have to use a bushhog (I think that’s the machine) to cut it next. Okay, that’s enough whining. I know I’ll regret this post in the middle of summer and it’s over a 100 and not a cloud in the sky.

To a more serious topic: I have a friend who received her scores and comments back from a contest for unpublished writers and it was devastating to her. I don’t understand where a judge thinks she should be cruel in her comments. I want the judges to be honest but not cruel. One of the comments she received said her main characters were so unsympathetic that it made the characters from Deliverance look sympathetic. That’s just one of many. It’s wrong. Wrong!!!!!!!!!! There are so many better ways to help a writer in a constructive way. This was destructive and wrong!!!!!!! (And by the way I’ve read this entry and in no way were those kind of comments warranted.)


  1. Margaret, please tell friend, that I’m sorry the judge was so cruel,
    so people have no tack! and tell not to give up,

    take care and God bless!


  2. How harsh! I love it when judges give a lot of input. But what good could a comment like that do?

    I hope she got some good input from other judges and she knows that sometimes you have to ignore it when someone else is being petty or cruel!

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