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Someone asked me to write a blurb about myself. I froze. One of the things I don’t do well is write blurbs. I have a friend, Laura Marie Altom, who is gifted at writing blurbs. Can you do it? If so, what is the secret? Share it with us.

What catches your eye in a blurb? What do you look for that makes you buy the book? My editor I think is very good at writing blurbs–thank goodness one of us is good at it. If I had to, all my books would remain on the shelf.

I want something that teases me with the story. Of course, I also look for certainly elements I like in a story–suspense, locale, occupations. To me a blurb catches your attention like the cover. Often I think they sell a book more than an author’s name. What do you think? Would you put a book down because of a bad blurb or would you check it out further?


  1. Thanks, Sweetie, for the compliment!! To be fair, though, I cheat!! LOL!! I always try to make any book sound like the latest movie release. You know how movies have those little teaser lines for trailers? Just do that for your book. It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

    Anyone needing specific help? Give a shout, and Margaret can use your basic plot as an example. Don’t let her fool you–she’s great at EVERYTHING!!!! 😉

  2. I can’t do it either… I think I’ll have to kidnap Laura and make her write mine when the time comes. 🙂

  3. I think I’ll kidnap Laura, too.

    Honestly, if a blurb on the back doesn’t interest me, I won’t crack open the book to read the first page.


  4. LOL!! Dream and Camy, things have been kind of blechy around here . . . If your kidnapping involves snacks, I can be ready in an hour!!!

    On a serious note, it’s interesting, Camy, that you put great stock in the blurb. I go for cover first, then the first page. I rarely even look at the blurb. Wonder statistically which technique is used most often, or if it’s a toss-up?

  5. This has been a big anxiety inducing issue for me recently. Blurbing is not my fortay. And I have to do it for the national convention. Hopefully there will be a learning curve! 🙂

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