Ask Amy column

» Posted on May 25, 2006 in Blog | Comments Off on Ask Amy column

In our local newspaper there is a national column called Ask Amy. A few days ago it was about the term “African-American” and if it was the term that should be used to refer to black Americans. There was no definite answer. As you could expect the replies from various readers were diverse–like our country. We are a country made up of different races and nationalities. We are a country of immigrants who came here for a better life over the last few hundred years.

So why can’t we all think of ourselves as Americans–plain and simple? I’m not saying not to honor and know about your heritage, but when it comes down to it, we are Americans and hopefully we are proud of that fact. The opportunities and freedoms this country offers people is unbelievable, especially when you study history and see what happened throughout the ages.

I worry that people take those freedoms and rights for granted. I just got through reading the book Night about the Holocaust and what can happen when freedom and rights are taken away. Chilling. I was previewing the book to see if I want my students to read it next year as one of the books we study. The message is timeless and I look forward to discussing and studying the book with my classes.