What to take to the storm shelter

» Posted on Apr 9, 2006 in Blog | Comments Off on What to take to the storm shelter

A few days ago we had a tornado warning go off near my house. The news reported one had been spotted a few miles from me. That’s when my husband and I get blankets and pillows and put them into the interior bathroom (my storm shelter). Then my husband told me, as he was listening to a news report concerning the storm that swept through, to get whatever I wanted to save. That left me with the question: what did I put in the bathroom? What did I want to try and save if a tornado hit our house? And I only had a minute or so to make that decision. Boy, talk about being under pressure, not to mention scared.

Of course, my pets were the first thing I thought of. I have two cats who are adorable. After that, I wasn’t sure. Although my writing is very important to me, I couldn’t disconnect my computer and put it in the small room. Not enough time. I did get my purse with all my identification. Negatives of my pictures are kept in the safety deposit box so I didn’t need to worry about them.

This whole episode got me thinking about what is important to me. What would you take to the storm shelter? You only have a few minutes to grab it.