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» Posted on Apr 1, 2006 in Blog | 10 comments

I had to share my good news with you all. I am a finalist in the short inspirational category of the Holt Medallion Contest with Light in the Storm.

How do you all like my new look? Heather Tipton did a great job. I wanted something to reflect me–hot pink and flamingoes. My office has hot pink walls and I have a lot of flamingoes around it, including a huge one that sits in the corner. She’s called Flo.

Starting a book is an exciting time and a scary time. I know who my characters are, their goals and conflicts and I know the first scene. Other than that, I’m clueless what is going to happen. But this weekend I’m going to plunge into that first scene and see where it goes. How do you start a book? Do you just plunge in and write? Do you live with your characters for a while? Do you write character sketches? I’ve already discussed plotting techniques.

But the start of a book is so important. How do you decide where to start one? I usually start in the middle of a situation that brings the hero and heroine together. In Hearts of the Amazon, January 2007, Love Inspired Suspense, I started with the heroine going into a bar to find a guide to lead her into the Amazon. She’d never been in a bar and couldn’t believe she was doing it, but she was desperate to find her brother who was lost in the jungle.

This is a new series I’m writing about three foster brothers who start a mentoring program for troubled teens (like they were). As a teacher of teens I’ve seen so much. I’ve seen some good hearted kids head down the wrong path because they didn’t have anyone to take them under his/her wing. To believe in them. But that subject could be a whole another blog.


  1. CONGRATULTIONS ON THE HOLT!!! That’s so awesome!

    Heather did a great job, as she usually does.

    As for starting a book–I definitely cannot plunge. Plunging is for brave writers. I am a control-freak, so I do character sketches and scene indexes and all that fun stuff.



    CONGRATS on the Holt nomination!!!

    Love, Cheryl

  3. The new look is great!

    Congrats on the Holt!!! I LOVED the book!

  4. Congratulations on the award. That’s awesome!

    And Heather . . . good job as always!

  5. I love the flamingos, Margaret! And I love pink, especially in the spring.

    As for starting a new book…. I absolutely love that part. So I sometimes jump in too soon, before I should. 🙂 But the newness is so exciting.


  6. I also meant to say congratulations on the Holt!!


  7. Congrats Margaret!

  8. Thanks everyone for your opinions about starting a book and for your congratulations on the Holt.


  9. I really enjoy reading the Love Inspired books. I love romance and happy endings without all the trash most romance books have in them. I especially like the Christian perspective in the stories. I do have one concern, however. I have noticed in your book, The Cinderella Plan, the need for accepting Christ as Savior is not mentioned. This could lead a non-Christian to think all they must do to be OK with God is to call on Him with some type of need. God does not work that way. He requires that a person believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Please consider carefully how your books may affect a non-Christian reader. Thank you for your consideration

  10. Anonymous, thanks for your comments. I appreciation them.


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