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I’ve had a couple of nice surprises in the past two days. One, I received flowers for my birthday from my husband which isn’t that unusual. What was unusual was the florist sent them two days early so when I went to the office at school I was surprised–pleasantly.

The other day I found out two of my books have made the finals in the Write Touch Contest for the inspirational/traditional category–A Mother for Cindy and Light in the Storm.

Now this isn’t a surprise, but I still have to celebrate. State mandated testing is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet you can’t tell that I’m elated that it is. A good part of the past two months of my time has been wrapped up in this. Now I’m preparing for Commencement at our high school. I am one of the people in charge of it every year and I love to see the students walk across the stage and get their diploma–minus the mice running around the floor because a student strapped them to his waist to sneak them in, then released them. You could tell where the mice were. Screams and students getting up. I didn’t volunteer to catch any of them.


  1. Way to go (granny) oops sorry I mean Margaret! 🙂

    have a great day!

  2. Margaret , I wanted to say Happy Birthday!

  3. WTG! What a very sweet thing for your hubby to do. Happy belated birthday.

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