Love or money

» Posted on Apr 30, 2006 in Blog | 1 comment

Why do you write? For love or money? Someone on one of my loops asked that question and as usual that got me thinking. Why do I write? I think I write mostly for the love of writing but I won’t turn down the money when offered. I wrote for many years without publishing a book (therefore no money). I even tried to quit several times, but I always came back to writing. It is an extension of me. That is the best way I can put it.

So why do you write? I hope it’s because you really love to because most writers don’t get rich with their writing. I think if you love to write it will show through in your stories. This is such a hard job. If you don’t really enjoy doing it, it will be hard to weather the disappointments which can be many.

As an aside I want to thank everyone who made my birthday week so special. My husband accuses me of dragging my birthday out for at least a week and he’s right. I’m looking forward to what this year has to offer. Take care.

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  1. I write because the voices tell me to.

    Although, I really wouldn’t have any problem becoming a huge bestselling author with multimillion dollar contracts, either. 😉

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