Keep me away from Solitaire

» Posted on Apr 23, 2006 in Blog | Comments Off on Keep me away from Solitaire

Okay, I found another Solitaire game to purchase that is so much fun. How many of you play games on your computer? I’m guilty. In between writing I find myself playing them. Sometimes I need mindless games to clear my thoughts to write. What do you do for a break from writing? Does it take up more time than you want? I have to admit sometimes mine does.

I can’t write for hours on end without taking frequent breaks. My most productive writing is over a whole day where I write three or four pages at a sitting. But in between I get to play those addictive Solitaire games. Who in the world came up with them in the first place?

Today I went out with my family after church for my birthday dinner (birthday isn’t for another few days but we always celebrate on the weekend). My soon to be granddaughters were great. At three and five they behaved wonderfully at a sit down restaurant, and I got to hold one in my lap. Loved it! Can’t you tell I’m getting into this grandma role!!