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Steeple Hill

I really appreciate everyone’s comments about the types of heroes. I think my favorite ones are the warrior and lost soul. I seem to write those types the most. I do like the other, especially the professor. Jane Ann Krentz does that type of hero so well. So do you tend to stick to one or two types of heroes? Is it the ones you like to read the most? I think the reason I like the warrior and professor so much is because I love to read suspenseful adventures where the characters have to figure out how to get out of tight situation with their brains as well as their muscles.

I will be attending the NOLA conference and signing When Dreams Come True at the Barnes and Noble store in Shreveport this Saturday at 5:00 pm. So if you are near, stop by and say hello.

On eharlequin.com in the Steeple Hill chat area my book is one of the books being discussed this month, so if you would like to join in the discussion go to www.eharlequin.com and at the bottom of the page click on site map then go to the chat area for Steeple Hill. I think I put a link up at the top of the post. I’m so new at this. I don’t know if it will work. If it does, it will get you to the Steeple Hill chat area. Then you click on When Dreams Come True.