Hate to write—?

» Posted on Mar 26, 2006 in Blog | Comments Off on Hate to write—?

What part of writing do you hate to do? Someone mentioned how the beginning of a book was hard for them to do. I think that is the easy part. The part I don’t like is from about pages 90-130. Oh, and also the rereading of the book at the end. I just got through going over my newest one and I think I can recite the book by now.

From 90 to 130 is when the bloom is dying, but you’re too far from the end to see the light of day. You know your characters but they aren’t speaking to you as much as they do after the halfway mark (I wonder how that sounds to someone who doesn’t write–fictitious characters speaking to you–send her to the psych ward).

So is it the beginning, the middle, the end? Or is it something else? The coming up of the idea? The characterizations? What makes you cringe and want to avoid the computer? What makes you think cleaning the toilet sounds like a good idea?