Happy St. Pat’s Day

» Posted on Mar 17, 2006 in Blog | 1 comment

Did you wear green today? I have Irish ancestors in my family and it’s always been fun to celebrate this day. My green was fingernail polish–a beautiful emerald color.

On the radio today the DJ asked what was a wacky thing you did for St. Patrick’s Day. One listener (not me) called in and said he dyed his white cat green for the day with green Jell-o. I can’t imagine my white cat sitting still long enough for me to do something like that. Another listener put green food coloring in the milk carton so when his brother went to pour some on his cereal he got green milk.

Have you done anything fun or wacky for St. Pat’s Day?

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  1. I definitely wore green today. I have four kids. They were hoping I’d forget. 🙂

    On the other hand, they set their poor daddy up. He has six ‘work shirts’ that he wears. They ‘forgot’ to wash them over the weekend and then they did them in two separate loads during the week. They left him with only one shirt to choose from on Wednesday – the green one. He wore it and neither one of us thought about Friday being St. Patrick’s Day. So on Friday, he had two shirts to choose from – blue or black. Both had a hand-written “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” card in the pocket. he fixed them. He got a small green binder clip from work and clipped it on his shirt to wear all day. He came home and they were all waiting to pinch him. After all that planning they got gypped.

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