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My friend I requested prayers for has just found out she doesn’t have bone cancer. The tumor is benign. I am so happy and excited and wanted to thank everyone for praying.

I am the guest blogger for Cheryl Wyatt today. I am discussing writing contests and their benefits for the writer. You can get to her blog from www.cherylwyatt.com. She will have a month long discussion about the pros and cons of writing contests.

Pamela James is blogging about When Dreams Come True today and tomorrow. If you want to win an autograph copy of the book, visit her blog which you can get to from www.pamela-james.com/home.html.

I would link you but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it. If anyone can tell me how, that would be great.


  1. Wonderful news for your friend!

    To do links, when you’re composing a ost, there’s a little tool button that “inserts link” if oyu click it, a window pops up and asks you to type in the web address you want to link to. You type it in and hit “ok” or “submit” then you have html on your page. You have to type the words you want people to click on to be taken to the other website between the the two sets of <>. It’s something like this “ THIS IS WHERE YOU TYPE THE WORDS YOU WANT THE LINK ACTIVE ON“. The “a” is the link command and the second one tells the computer that that is the end of the phrase you’re linking to.

    Hope that helped!

  2. The computer/blogger read my example as acutally making a link, so it took out the commands because they’re supposed to be invisible. Sorry!

    Here’s a webpage that shows what I was talking about though Have fun!

  3. Hi, Margaret. I thought it might be Margaret Ripy when I first noticed your name again a few months or so ago. I just checked after I came here from Camy Tang’s blog. I have a database with the books I’ve read and/or have and found you there through the title of the Silhouette book you mentioned. I don’t know where you used your other pseudonyms so I’ve not been following you to other books except the Steeple Hill ones, which I have not yet read.

    I’m glad your friend doesn’t have bone cancer. I would like to request prayer for my sister-in-law’s parents. Both have been given only a few months to live. Her mother has pancreatic cancer and her father diabetes. He’s on dialysis but they can’t find a new place to hook him up since his veins(?) are collapsing. Though Ausma could live without Jock, he couldn’t live without her. She’s gone on chemo for that reason and has asked me (and everybody else, I guess) not to tell him how serious her illness truly is. He may have also broken his hip in a fall Tuesday evening. Donna was here at my place when she got the news but I have no confirmation yet. It’s hard to get a hold of any family member. For more you can see Tamy’s blog if you’re familiar with it.

  4. P.S. How do I find Paula James’s blog? I’m a relative newbie on blogs too.

  5. I’m so glad your friend is okay! I’ll be posting your interview on my blog on Monday. 🙂

  6. Sigrun, Pamela’s blog is here:

  7. This is great news to hear, about your friend, 🙂 WOO WOO GOD Is sooooooo good

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