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Did you think I was going crazy and attempting skydiving? Actually I do think it would be fun, but I doubt I will ever get up enough courage to do it. No, the reason I titled this one skydiving was because of a sign I saw the other day. It said: If at first you don’t succeed, don’t take up skydiving. I loved that sign.

It got me thinking about the meaning behind it, although I did chuckle when I first saw it. There are some things we have to be careful pursuing–not everything is safe or good for us. We need to think carefully about what we want to go after or we might end up in a situation where we pull a cord and the chute doesn’t open up as we are plunging to earth. I’m a big advocate of the real saying, if at first you don’t succeed, try again. But there are some things we should never try in the first place.

I found out from my editor that I will have three books coming out next year in the first four months. January will be my Love Inspired Suspense, Heart of the Amazon, March another Love Inspired Suspense, So Dark the Night and in April my first book in a new series for Love Inspired titled Fostered by Love. The first book will be called Once Upon a Family.

This year my March book is When Dreams Come True. It received a 4 in Romantic Times and the reviewer, Melissa Parcel, said, “When Dreams Come True has a unique plot with realistic dilemmas. Margaret Daley gets to the heart of family issues and the struggle of Dane reconnecting with his wife and children.”


  1. Glad you got a good review! Although when I first saw your title, I was like, “Did Margaret take up skydiving????”

  2. I read hundreds of books each year including cutting edge research books in the fields of science and medicine, science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, and all types of romances. Besides being very good exercise for your mind, reading allows the person reading to briefly escape into another place or time.

    Romances go a step beyond that. They are a celebration of what causes two people to fall in love and work hard to develop a lasting relationship. I have found that even men enjoy reading romance novels.

    Many soldiers stationed far from home read them in an effort to recapture the feeling of being close to their loved one.

    It seems to me that the same small-minded thinking that spurs someone to say that “all Indians drink too much” would be the same to insist that “romance novel are trashy.”

    Most people in our country today remember vividly the hurt that small minded predijuce causes innocent people. Nothing has changed. These comments continue to hurt, and still remain as untrue as they ever were. “Always” can rarely be made to apply in truth to a group of people about anything.

  3. Loved the book! Do we have to wait till next year to get more?!?!?!?

  4. The last book in the Ladies of Sweetwater Lake Series will be coming out in October 2006. It’s called Tidings of Joy and is Tanya’s story.

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