» Posted on Feb 7, 2006 in Blog | Comments Off on Hollywood/jungles

Hollywood and jungle can have a common connection but in this case I will write about two separate topics. Looking over the list of movies nominated and winning the awards, I am even more convinced that Hollywood doesn’t have a clue what mainstream Americans want or believe in. I go to the movies–more so in the summer and I haven’t seen one of the movies nominated for Best Picture for an Oscar. In the past I usually had seen a few of them, often almost all of them. Now if I have seen one I’m doing good. I fear the Oscar Awards have become a political/issue platform for some. One of the best movies I’ve seen–left a deep, deep impression–was the Passion of Christ, and yet it was totally ignored by the Oscars.

Now the jungle part of my post. Some scientists have found a pristine part of this world in Indonesia. It is a jungle that has new species of animals and plants. It is exciting to realize there are still places on this planet that haven’t been explored–left unknown, untouched. That gets my creative juices flowing. I love the jungle and can already see a story forming about this new place.