Eight Hero Archetypes

» Posted on Feb 26, 2006 in Blog | Comments Off on Eight Hero Archetypes

Someone asked if Christian romances have these eight hero archetypes in pure form, not blends of two types. What do you all think? Any suggestions of heroes that fit only one type.

1. The Chief–definitely the alpha hero. He is the born leader. In a historical he would be the conqueror. In a contemporary he would be the CEO. His way is the only way.
2. The Bad Boy–the rebel. He is street smart. He’s a rule breaker. He doesn’t respond to authority. He needs to be his own boss because he doesn’t play well with others. In a historical he might be the outlaw/pirate. In a contemporary he might be the hero who came from the bad side of town (riding his motorcycle).
3. The Best Friend–the beta hero. He is a wonderful companion, listener and all around nice guy. Think Harry in Harry Met Sally.
4. The Charmer–the playboy. He is the rogue. He is charismatic, hard to resist. He won’t commit easily to any woman. He plays the field and enjoys it. In a historical he is the rake, the lord that no woman has tamed.
5. The Lost Soul–brooding outcast. He usually is the loner. He has a lot of secrets and a tortured past. He’s a hard one to crack.
6. The Professor–brilliant and confident in his abilities. He might be the scientist or the accountant–logical. Think Spock or Data in Star Trek.
7. The Swashbuckler–adventurous and daring. This is your action hero. He takes charge and enjoys it in a life and death situation. Think Indiana Jones or Errol Flynn.
8. The Warrior–the knight in shining armor. He comes to the damsel’s rescue. He protects the heroine. Think law enforcement or military.

So which one is your favorite? Any books come to mind that fit a hero category?