» Posted on Jan 4, 2006 in Blog | Comments Off on Updates

This is a catch up post with my thoughts that are all over the place.

1. My house is back to normal–the Christmas village up. I love having my decorations out, especially for the memories they bring, but I am so glad my house is back in order. Can you tell I like order?

2. Kim is the winner of the autograph book, Made of Honor. Thanks to all who entered the contest.

3. The holidays are over. New Year day was spent working to get my house back in order and boy am I exhausted. My back hurts with all the lifting and pulling I did. I rearranged some furniture, too. Anyone have a remedy for an aching back. I’m using cold compresses right now.

4. I’m back in school and I wasn’t ready to go back. I needed another few days to recover from all that moving and boxing up of decorations. The kids today wondered why they had to do school work. I told them if I had to be at work, then they had to work, too. They seem to think they should have a couple of days to ease into school again.

5. I’m giving a speech this weekend at the new chapter of ACFW here and I’m nervous. Can you tell I don’t like giving speeches?

6. The weather is unbelievable. It has been in the 70s several days in the past five. This is winter! The weather has been nicer than spring usually is.

7. I’m glad the days are starting to get longer. That is one thing I like about summer–the extra long days (not the heat we have here).