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Yesterday I got to hear Dan Johnson who teaches at Oklahoma State University in the Police Science Division talk about profiling. He has an extensive background in criminology and profiling. He’s interviewed some big time killers (example, Charles Manson). After I walked out of the meeting, I kept looking around. Listening to him talk made you very aware of the evil in this world.

Here are some of the things he said about profiling/serial killers:
1. Serial killers are either organized or disorganized.
2. When you are profiling, you need to get into their heads. Think like them.
3. When someone says to you, “I wouldn’t lie to you,” he is lying.
4. All serial killers are pathological liars.
5. Profilers will look at the crime, crime scene, victim(s) and violator.
6. Serial killers want to control, dominate and torture. They want power over another.
7. If they lose power, they will avoid or kill.
8. A serial killer has murdered 4 or more.
9. An organized serial killer will have a cooling off period between victims.
10.A cold blooded killer kills because he enjoys it.
11.All serial killers are stalkers.
12.Lockard principle: The serial killer brings something into the crime scene and takes something out.
13.A disorganized killer does it in the spur of the moment–no planning.
14.Many serial killers (especially the organized ones) have high IQs.
15.Serial killers feel superior–it’s all about them.

If you want some more information on profiling and serial killers check out this site.