Books over movies

» Posted on Jan 15, 2006 in Blog | Comments Off on Books over movies

I was reading in Sunday magazine that comes with our paper this morning about some guy who makes trend predictions for 2006. He said he thinks movies will not make a comeback this year (the movies made are the same old same old). He predicts books will. He went on to say there is little in the way of good entertainment coming out of Hollywood whereas with books there are some terrific ones out there. So movies out, books in.

Of course, as a writer and teacher, I was thrilled to see what he said about books being in. However, that may be wishful thinking on that man’s part. I have students at school who never read a book (I’m not sure they even read the ones assigned to them). I do think the movie industry is suffering but that’s because of television and video games–not books.

What do you think–books in, movies out?