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Okay, Pammer tagged me and now I need to post 15 personal and book preference facts.

1) I love to read mysteries and romantic suspense.
2) That said I am a die hard romantic and love a happily ever after ending.
3) I will toss a book across the room if I have a sad, disappointing ending.
4) I want to walk away from a good read feeling uplifted, satisfied and happy.
5) I don’t mind crying (or laughing) through a book, but I want the ending to be happy. Life has enough disappointments and sadness. I don’t want to read it if it isn’t going to work out in the end.
6) I started reading way back when (won’t tell you how many years) historical romances.
7) Some of my favorite writers are Julie Garwood, James Rollins and Clive Cussler, not to mention many of my writer friends. So I guess I should add I love to read adventure books, too.
8) I read the last page or two first unless it is a romantic suspense or a mystery. I will draw the line there but I want to know the ending will be happy and uplifting before I spend time reading the book.
9) I am a slow reader–reading every word so therefore it takes me a long time to read a book.
10) I haven’t had nearly enough time this year to read for pleasure which makes me grumpy. I love to read.
11) Hence my TBR pile is HUGE! I don’t know if I will ever get it down to under ten books.
12) Because I still buy books even though I have a lot to read. Did I say I love books!!!
13) I have to confess I am not a big fan of chick lit. Not sure why.
14) Nothing beats curling up on the couch and reading when it’s snowing outside.
15) I can’t believe I came up with 15 facts–okay really, 14.

Now I’m tagging, Cheryl, Michelle, Heather and Danica. If I can do this so can you.