Made of Honor

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I love this title of Marilynn Griffith’s new book, just out this week. It’s a wonderful chick lit from Steeple Hill. I am honored to be a part of Marilynn’s blog tour. I interviewed her earlier this month and below are her answers to my questions. Tomorrow I will have an excerpt of the book up.

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What is Made of Honor about?

Made of Honor is about Dana Rose who’s been a bridesmaid ten times and the last time was for her roommate and best friend who used to be her chubby sidekick until she lost weight, snagged the last guy Dana dated from the single’s group and got married. The book is about family, friendships and faith as well as some of Dana’s great smelling bath and body products. Her shop, Wonderfully Made, is Dana’s first time in business for herself and she’s really excited until nobody shows up but brides and their mothers. She’s really tired of weddings. (For a lot of reasons). Her childhood sweetheart and the sister who stole Dana’s last boyfriend come back to town, along with her brother who mysteriously disappeared many years before. Many of Dana’s prayers are coming true, but when she’s asked to be Maid of Honor in a customer’s wedding to get an account that could save her business, Dana starts to see what she’s really made of.

I used to make soap and bath products as a seasonal business, so there are a lot smells in this one. Dana’s love interest owns a candle shop across the street. (More good smells!). There’s a short excerpt and audio reading on my site at , but if you’d like to read more of the book, let me know and I’ll send you some of the Word file.

How did you come up with the idea for the story?

See above about the bath and body stuff. Steeple Hill had also rejected my first manuscript and asked me to try a chick lit since that’s sort of what I was writing. (I didn’t even know what chick lit was). First person point of view sounded interesting, so I tried it and I’d like to think it worked. We’ll see!

What is your favorite scene in the book? Why?

My favorite scene in the book is in the beginning of the book when Dana’s bridesmaid’s dress explodes at the seams (it was a little tight before all that punch) and she’s swept off her feet and carried to the car.

What is your next book coming out about? When will it be out?

My next book coming out is PINK from Revell. It’s about a fashion designer who has to make a million dollar wedding dress…for the woman who wrecked her own wedding. It’s pretty fun too with a few sad parts thrown in. 🙂

Any advice you can give writers about writing a Steeple Hill Cafe book?

Don’t try and copy what’s already out. Come up with something that fits the genre but has a unique voice too. Read a lot. Write a lot. Pray a lot. Find your voice. Get to know your characters. Go for it!