He’s Alive!

» Posted on Dec 11, 2005 in Blog | Comments Off on He’s Alive!

In church today our minister told a story that emphasizes the true meaning of Christmas. She talked about how it is important for us to witness. Mary believed in Christ and wanted to do something to show others about her faith. She decided to become a Sunday school teacher in her church. A lot of her class were poor and disadvantaged. At Christmas she wanted to show her class that Jesus is the light. They often lived in places that were dark and dingy.

She came up with the idea to have a pageant about the first Christmas. She told her class about it and told them if they wanted a speaking part to let her know. Now there was one child she had trouble reaching. She wasn’t an easy child to like. Her name was Nicole. When Mary asked for volunteers for the play, everyone raised his hand except Nicole. She announced that she wouldn’t be able to come that night because she was going to a party.

During dress rehearsal Nicole was critical about some of the scenes. During the last one where the whole cast was singing Silent Night, she went up on stage and fumbled around in the dark. Mary asked Nicole what she was doing. She held up the child in the manager and said it was only a doll.

That evening of the performance Mrs. Wright came in with her newborn baby before the play and laid him in the manager. She told Mary that he had been fed and should sleep through the play. Everything went along fine. Nicole came and sat beside Mary, telling her in a loud voice that everyone heard in the church that she decided not to go to the party. At the end of the performance Nicole again got up and went to the front. She came immediately back and announced in a loud voice to Mary, “He’s alive!” then sat down.

The words, “He’s alive,” made it through the audience. Then they launched into Joy to the World. In those few words Nicole had summed up what Christmas was all about.